Self-love guided meditation - 39 minutes   

Self-love is central to our success and satisfaction in life. Strong self-esteem fuels all personal and professional pursuits with confidence. A self-assured attitude attracts positive energy and transforms negative energy. Self-love is a spring of healing and happiness that benefits all areas of life. When we realise the love we seek is within and reinforce that love, the universe echoes love back to us. The outside world mirrors our inner love with caring relationships, fulfilling work, glowing health and all manifestations of love. Self-love is the most essential attribute for limitless joy. Hence we recommend this recording for anyone to achieve any aim. It’s the essential meditation for rapid and enduring self-development.When we lack self-love, happiness alludes us. When we love ourselves, the world loves us back and our smile grows wider every day. 

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"Every time I do this I feel so blissed out! Its
like a love lolly t
hat makes life so much sweeter." - Janice Sussex                   

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Relax guided meditation- 25 minutes  

Relaxation is key to health, happiness and longevity.
A calm mind makes clear and positive choices.
Awareness makes actions easy and effective.
Feel your stress dissolve as you access your serene self.
Program yourself to summon this state anytime.
Great as a 'power nap' to revitalise during the day,
unwind in the evening, assist sleep and melt tension.

   USD 18.95

"This has been a blessing through stressful periods. I feel instantly relaxed and energised. 
Great to have Caroline's calming guidance to settle the storms of life." - Jenny Hewitt

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